Tack It Right! Don’t Horse Around While Tacking For English Style Riding May 18 Earl Wolff Kids Jersey , 2011 | Author: Jannet M | Posted in Basic Horse Care

To tack up a horse means getting it ready for the ride by putting on the saddle pad, saddle and bridle. Equipping the horse with the right tack and ensuring the comfort of the horse by tacking correctly is imperative to ensure your safety and comfort in the English riding style.


English horse riding is different than Western riding style. Although the tack (horse riding and maintenance equipment) used might appear similar to a novice, an experienced equestrian knows better. Both styles use tacks such as saddle, saddle pads, stirrups, bridles, reins and more Earl Wolff Womens Jersey , but on a closer look you could find a major difference in the tacks 鈥?from size to functionality. However, the correct tacking of your horse is crucial in both English and Western styles.


To tack up a horse prior to riding it casually or for competitions means to get the horse ready for the ride by dressing it with the tack equipment. English riding tack typically consists of saddle blanket, a saddle, bridle, girth, bit, reins Earl Wolff Authentic Jersey , martingale and so on. The saddle for English riding is smaller and lighter than the Western one, however, each saddle types has further designs specific for particular sports and activities. Also, in English riding, you are in direct contact with the horse’s mouth using the reins. The reins are also held by both hands (one rein in each hand) and used as an aid, just like the seat and the legs are used to control the speed and direction of the horse.


Since, there are more factors and coordination required while riding English style Earl Wolff Jersey , equipping the horse with the right tack and ensuring the comfort of the horse by tacking correctly is imperative to your ride. Experts often prescribe a step-wise procedure while tacking for English riding. Here’s a list:


* First, tie the horse before you start.
* The next step is to groom the horse, either where the tack will be placed or you can also do a full grooming and ensure the horse is clean and fit. Remember to pick the hoofs as well.
* After you’ve groomed the horse, put the saddle pad first, the horse’s withers is the correct spot.
* Then place the saddle on the addle pad (right in the middle). Here, it is important to ensure that the girth is strapped not too loosely or tightly. If it is too tight, you will make the horse uncomfortable. A correct way of putting the saddle is from the left side.
* Now you can put on the boots or polo wraps  Cedric Thornton Jersey Sale , if necessary.
* You can now undo the cross ties and put the reins over the horse’s neck.
* Take the bit and put it in the horse’s mouth, be gentle and careful with your fingers while doing this, avoid hitting the teeth and warm the bit in cold weathers. If the horse is shy to the bit, you can apply honey or peppermint oil etc. to it.
* Then slide the bridle’s crown gently over the horse’s ear.
* Do the throat latch and the chinstrap, buckle it loose enough to fit four fingers between the horse’s throat and the latch, the chinstrap should be buckled with a finger or two’s space in between.


It is recommended that you do not tack a horse alone if you are doing it for the first time. Watch an experienced equestrian do it, and assist himher from time to time so that you can get used to treating the horse in the right way. For best approach and results Cedric Thornton Eagles Jersey , you can take lessons from a qualified instructor, this way you can learn everything from tacking to riding to grooming and maintaining the horse and stable. Also, ensure that you use the right tack and wear appropriate equestrian apparel for English style riding, and treat the horse with love and care.