No matter if you have co to Florida to escape the cold and stay warm Wholesale Jerseys , or just to enjoy the cool breezes; the ti of year to visit Florida is not always relevant due to it s relatively close temperatures all year round, which makes perfect for ples like the beh or the parks. Well skip the beh today and head on over to Orlando, the The Park Capital of the World! Orlando offers many different competing companies who eh host their own the parks, however I am biased on this issue and I must say that Universal Studios has the, not one but, o parks that are best worth your ti and money. Not only that, but the parks are literally right ross the street from eh other, making it easy to visit both parks in one day if you re able to land one of those Two Parks for One deals available, or just visit both over a couple of days. Alright, put on that sunscreen and pop that Dramamine, cause we re going on a non stop hop from ride to ride, which in my opinion, are the most important aspects of a the park. We ll start off at the original Universal Studios which was made famous for riding the movies . Overco your fears and take eh ride s terror with a grain of salt, because rember Cheap Jerseys From China , it s only fake? or is it? We ll start off with the thrill rides that are based on so previous Universal films, such as Jaws! You ve seen the movie, now take a boat ride out on the water where nothing is safe from the terror of the deep. Everyone thought he was dead, but Jaws proves he still very much alive and extrely hungry in this thrill ride for families and people of all ages. Like oot em ups? How about slaying aliens? Working for the Men in Blk? Well here s your chance to try and join their ranks by competing with your friends and family in a M.I.B. Training mission that goes wrong, pitting you up against evil aliens in order to save the world. The outco of the missionride is determined by how high your score is, so beco trigger happy. Earn enough points and they just might make you into an M.I.B. Agent! Next, we ll discover the o roller coasters, my favorite type of attrtions, which are located almost right next to eh other for convenience. Venture deep into the desert, into the forbidden sred temple, and unlea the wrath of the mummy! Fast, dark and scary, this ride becos a sensory overload for anyone riding it for the first ti where your adrenaline is pumping due to the combination of fear and excitent. This next ride drives people? crazy. The new Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is a roller coaster designed to pu you to the limit with the insane speed, loops and drops of a roller coaster combined with fast rock or techno music that you get to pick. The entire ride is videotaped and can be viewed afterwards to see your ock and awe. The park also has many rides and attrtions for the entire family Cheap NFL Jerseys , such as the E.T. Adventure, Jimmy Neutron s Nicktoon Blast, Terminator 2 in 3 D, Shriek in 4 D and the new Simpsons Ride! So co on down to Orlando and enjoy all of the excitent with your family or a group of friends. Our next stop is right ross the street, and is by far, my favorite park out of any in the state of Florida. Universal Studio s Islands of Adventure has out done itself and many other parks when it cos to making the scenery fit the the of the rides of the areas it holds them in, and in this case, islands. Make your first stop to the Super Hero Island and take the job as a reporter in the Adventures of Spider Man, a 3 D motion simulator that takes your around the city as all of the Spider Man villains team up to overwhelm Spider Man and hold New York City for ransom. Jump to the sky and fall to the ground in Doctor Doom s Fearfall. Then hit up the Incredible Hulk roller coaster which I m sure you saw on your way into park, screaming at rageful speeds. This is a must ride roller coaster for any coaster jockey, as you go from 0 40 miles per hour in extly 2 seconds. Speaking of roller coasters, head over to the opposite side of the park at so ti during the day and fe the Dueling Dragons! Choose your side, Fire or Ice, and ride your dragon as you fe off against the other Cheap Jerseys , blazing right past the other dragon in this dual coaster phenonon. Other must experience rides are Dudley Do Right s Ripsaw Falls, Popeye and Bluto s Bilge Rat Barges, and Jurassic Park s River Adventure. You will get wet and you will be scared, so be prepared! So other family style rides would include The Cat in the Hat ride that pues your mind to a whole new extre. A friendly reminder from myself, a well experienced the park explorer, to always follow a few simple rules when attending Universal s Parks or any other The Park: 1. Always wear sunscreen. You will burn without it or the ade. 2. Keep hydrated. Florida s heat will keep you thirsty. 3. Bring extra clothes or a swim suit for those water rides. 4. Always pay attention to height restrictions for kids. These are for safety only. 5. Never ride more than you can handle. This will keep you from getting sick With that said, I know you will enjoy your ti in Orlando, especially when exploring these o fabulous the parks at Universal Studios![