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what is healing effects of gingseng flower

In traditional medicine, the parts of plant are used as gingseng drugs. Apart cu tam that (gingseng tubers) are one of precious medicinal herbs commonly used, flowers of plants gingseng antediluvian also mindful of research and uses. So what is healing effects of gingseng flower?

-         Clear heat (cooling).

-         Hypotension.


According to modern medicine  tam that co cong dung gi (gingseng flower) has following effects:

-                     Giving sedative effects, good for nervous system, and giving a good sleep.

-                     Good for heart, blood pressure and other diseases related to cardiovascular system.

-                     Very good slimming effect, reducing fat in the thighs and abdomen.

-                     Effects stabilize blood sugar, good for diabetics

-                     Enhance memory.

-                     Beauty, slimming: anti-aging, adjust fat metabolism disorders reduce fatespecially abdomen fat, fat thighs.

-                     liver detoxification.

-                     milk benefits for women after childbirth.


How to use:

Using 2-3g a day, drink like tea in hot water until the bitter taste end.


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