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LED Grow Light up light technology

1, What is LED Grow Light ?
A: As we all know , plants need light to nutritional intake, they want to use the energy of light for photosynthesis , growth and development in order to get the necessary nutrients. Therefore, photosynthesis is the key to the survival of the plant . LED Grow Light is a light alternative to the sun emitted by the LED elements , specifically to promote plant photosynthesis , light to create a suitable environment for the growth and development of special lamps designed with a specific spectral wavelength for plants.
2 , features LED plant lights are there?
A: photosynthesis plants need spectral wavelength typically within the range of 400 ~ 720nm . The 400 ~ 520nm blue light and 610 ~ 720nm red light on the photosynthesis of plants contribute the maximum . LED grow light red blue wavelength is well within this range , you can give the plant to provide for the growth of the wavelength spectrum to promote plant growth. Meanwhile LED Grow Light also has energy-saving ( high photoelectric conversion efficiency , low power consumption is a fluorescent lamp 1 / 4, 1 /10 sodium lamp ) , spectral tunability , good point light resistance, cold resistance ( low heat ) , good moisture resistance , small size, long life ( 30,000 hours ) and so on. LED grow light fill light technology will be the new trend and direction of IT development of agriculture ( agricultural science and technology ) and urban facilities agriculture.
3 , How to Use LED plant lights effect ?
A : LED grow light fill light LED technology development in recent years with the rise of a new technology , LED Grow Light lot of research and application of cultivation environment show that it can solve other artificial light in the presence of the spectral composition impure light quality , light intensity is inconsistent, the problem of low efficiency light source . With LED fill light technology that can significantly promote spinach, radishes and lettuce growth, improve morphological indicators , the growth rate, photosynthetic rates have increased more than 20% . Enabling factors bioaccumulation beet sugar beet maximum , and produce the highest sugar and starch accumulation in the hair roots . Make pepper , basil leaves and stems form a significant change , the photosynthetic rate of plants has improved significantly. Use on flowers, can increase the number of flower buds and flowering , can improve the quality of flowers and prolong flowering . Increase the number of pores can cause marigold and sage two plants , photosynthesis and stomatal increase means improved. LED grow light fill light technology will be urban agricultural facilities and IT Agriculture ( Agricultural Science and Technology ) in the direction of development. Has become popular in flower and vegetable cultivation in Japan and Taiwan .

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