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LED Grow Lights Are The best Choice for plants

If you are growing plants indoors then you may have heard of grow lights, you may even own a few. But I want to get more specific and talk about LED grow lights, which you may not know much about yet, but that will change after you read this article.

First you must understand what a LED is and what it means. To make it simple, LED stands for Light-emitting diode and it is basically a little light.

Before the advent of LED grow lights, HID grow lights were the grow light of choice. While HID lights provided a lots of beneficial lighting, they also produced heat. Left to themselves, HID lights can burn and kill plants. Thus, gardeners who used HID lights had to pay for an expensive ventilation system just to protect their plants from the heat the HID lights produced. They also had to water their plants more to counteract the effects of the heat the HID lights produced. When HID lights were the best lights out there, extra watering and an expensive ventilation system made sense. HID lights are no longer the only option.

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Now that we have scrutinized the two most popular choices for grow lights, it should be clear which the clear winner is. You will see now why I can claim to speak for plants. Provided that plants do not have masochistic tendencies, they would not choose to grow under HID lights. Thus, LED grow lights are the clear choice for plants and you don't have to be a plant whisperer to know it. Modern science is a wonderful thing. In the case of the indoor gardener, modern science allows him or her to create ideal growing conditions and a year round growing season. As a gardener, you have to love what you can accomplish with LED grow lights.

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