The Charateristics of each part of hollow steel bar1.Self-drilling:anchor head is applicable to drill borehole during installation.Covered by continuous thread,the boreholes can be done by combining bolt body with drilling equipment.2.Self-anchoring:anchor head anchorage can be formed by the locking of the bar itself,grout can be injected to a full length of anchor and anchor force can be tranfered to surrounding rock,then the stability of rock mass will be significantly improved.3.Length:self drilling hollow steel bar offers a single operation of lengthening and drilling,which is extensively suitable for narrow space and of limited head rooms.The length of bolt can reach 10cm and the reinforcement is therefore realized.4.Initiative support:In the whole anchoring process,it is well appropriate for the enforcement of surrounding rock.5.Grouting:Self drilling hollow steel bar gives full advantages of it'propertis and realizes the reinforcement of surrounding rock and immoblilization of broken rocks,ensures that grouting can be performed without casing and pre-grouting can be operated in various kinds of ground conditions.6.Ductility support:self drilling hollow steel bar is good unity of thick-wall seamless steel pipe material and with fully-threaded technology,the ductility and high load capacity can be largely optimiazed.More information:please click here: